Student Website Critique – StratComm Awards

This critique is part of my J4502: Multimedia Planning and Design course, through the Missouri School of Journalism.

I will be critiquing my classmates’ website for the StratComm Awards.

To accurately critique the site, I chose to complete several “tasks” and assess how the website’s design helped or hindered my completion of those tasks.

1.Submit work for the awards

It’s obvious that the client and my classmates agreed that submitting work to be judged is the website’s main use because the first text on the homepage that grabbed my attention was “Enter, Win.” with a “Submit Work Here” button.


I think the group did an excellent job drawing attention to the most important aspect of the site, both with attention-grabbing font and the hover change on the “Submit Work Here” button. The group also included an option on the navigation bar, which read “Submit Your Work,” to dispel any confusion.


2.Apply to become a sponsor

While there is a “Sponsors” tab on the navigation bar, it is a little more difficult to think through how to become one of those sponsors based on the website’s current design. If one clicks on sponsors, then there is contact information for becoming a sponsor at the bottom of that page, and also another “hover identifiable” button at the very bottom of the homepage.


These design decisions do make sense for me because I’m used to digging through websites for information I need, but I think that It could benefit the group and their client to reconsider what those who visit the site will most want to learn: Who the StratComm Awards’ sponsors are or how to sponsor the awards.

3.View complete gallery of previous work

If you scroll down on the homepage, some past work is available. Another “hover identifiable” button leads you to the full gallery of work, and “Gallery” is also located in the navigation bar.


I think that it makes sense to make previous work easily accessible in the way my classmates chose to do so. My only critique would be to change the formatting of the work on the homepage. I assume these will eventually be high resolution images, so they might display well in a more aesthetically-pleasing manner on desktop and mobile, instead of just in a vertical “blog” format.

Overall, I think the StratComm Awards group made smart, simple design decisions that make most tasks easy to complete.


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