Tourism in the Gothic District

There are certainly a number of known tourist attractions in Barcelona, but La Rambla is IMG_1998one of the highest on that list. The road cuts east to west, dividing El Barrio Gótico and El Raval. It offers souvenirs of every kind, from tiny cacti you can hang on your fridge to elaborate paintings and caricatures. There are also tapas bars galore and plenty of restaurant employees trying to reel in business.

The Gothic District itself also draws tourists because of its renown. I have spoken with several locals who say they avoid the easily-accessed areas of the neighborhood because the tourists are so prevalent and many are disrespectful. One local even said, “It’s difficult to find anything worthwhile along La Rambla anymore.”

I feel conflicted about this issue because, of course, tourists are bringing in millions of dollars in revenue to the city of Barcelona, but no one should feel like their home is being disrespected. I think that it’s a difficult balance for tourist destinations to achieve. I hope that the situation improves within the coming years, but I can only realistically see tourism continuing to increase in Barcelona.



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