So, what exactly is El Barrio Gótico?

The Gothic Neighborhood marks the center of Barcelona’s “old city” or Ciutat Vella. It stretches approximately from the Mediterranean seafront in the east, to Ronda de Sant Pere (west of  Plaça de Catalunya), to Via Laietana in the north and La Rambla in the south.


A view of the Gothic Neighborhood from the Cathedral of Barcelona’s terrace.

Its architecture includes ancient Roman, Medieval and modern, which creates the neighborhood’s dynamic appearance. Because it is the center of the old city, El Barrio Gótico’s roadways appear maze-like. Also renowned as an area of cultural significance for residents of Barcelona, it sustained damage during the Spanish Civil War that can still be seen today.

The open spaces scattered at the ends of winding roads serve as meeting places for locals to catch up or locations to show their disapproval through protests.

The neighborhood, understandably, draws more than 7 million tourists annually who wander aimlessly along La Rambla and get confused by the dozens of souvenir shops that all look the same.



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