Lindsay Gloor

Throughout the semester, I interviewed my friends and my friends’ boyfriends about their perspectives on dating in college. I’m someone who has had really strong opinions about dating, and I’ll admit that a lot of those opinions aren’t really fair. So, I thought it’d be helpful for me and whomever else is frustrated by dating in college to gather some more opinions.


Here’s what I’ve learned: I have most of the same opinions as my girlfriends and a lot of my assumptions about how guys view dating are well founded. The guys I interviewed from Mizzou mentioned that they did not really feel the need to date long-term because college was a time to have fun. They also said that you can find any kind of relationship you want in college. On the other hand, my girlfriends complained that none of the guys they were interested in were interested in dating.


My conclusion? There’s a really obvious division between male and female students’ mentalities about dating, and that can frequently be a barrier. I think if something is meant to be, then it will happen, though. It just takes a lot of hard work and dedication.


Just for fun, here’s an interview with me.

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Niki Finn

Niki is a sophomore studying business management with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and a minor in hospitality and management. Some day she hopes to open her own restaurant or bakery in Chicago. She is social chair for her sorority and when she’s not planning events she’s most likely singing “High School Musical” at the top of her lungs with her best friend Mackenzie. Niki is one of my good friend’s “little sisters” in their sorority, so I’ve gotten to know her pretty well. She is a little bundle of energy who has tons of leadership potential. I was able to talk with her to learn a younger student’s perspective on dating in college.

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