Josh Giancola

Josh is currently dating my friend Toni (who I also interviewed for this project) and has been dating her for as long as I have known the two of them. The two met in high school, so Josh actually attends Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri. He visits Toni most weekends, though, so I have had the opportunity to get to know him fairly well. He is a junior mechanical engineering major, member of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and director of student programming on the Student Union Board. I have never seen a couple, who has dated long-distance for longer than they’ve dated in the same location, as strong as Josh and Toni. That’s why I thought it would be an interesting idea to get the other side from Josh.


  1. Are you currently dating someone?

Yes, I am.


  1. When was your last relationship? (Or the last time you went on a date)

Senior year [in high school], prom was my last date.


  1. Why did it end?

It wasn’t a real relationship. It was just more of a fun thing senior year – there wasn’t anything there. It was more of a friendship that we were attracted to each other. But, when I met my current girlfriend, then obviously that was over.


  1. How long was your longest relationship? When was that?

Uh… *counts on his hands* two years and four months: That’s currently; that’s my longest relationship.

Josh poses with his first "real" girlfriend at prom in spring of 2013. He said that most of his relationships before dating my friend Toni were not very substantial. Photo courtesy of Josh Giancola.

Josh poses with his first “real” girlfriend at prom in spring of 2013. He said that most of his relationships before dating my friend Toni were not very substantial. Photo courtesy of Josh Giancola.

  1. What do you think are some of the differences between dating in high school versus dating in college?

In college, you can definitely spend more time together without your parents hovering over you or anything. So, you’re able to get to know each other a lot more, and you can also experience new things for the first time [with them] like drinking and going to bars and stuff like that.


  1. How would you describe the dating scene at Rolla?

It’s not very big because there’s a lot of guys and not a lot of girls. It’s probably only like five guys I know out of 100 that are actually dating somebody.

I would say more of the people that are dating are in serious relationships. Pretty much the people that would go out and date are kind of already taken… Not a lot of hooking up.


  1. How would you describe the dating scene for people age 18-22?

I think it’s [Rolla’s] just different in that there’s not a lot of people trying to hook up because a lot people are concentrated on school more than the social aspect of things. And then also the guy-girl ratio, there’s like seven guys to every three girls. So, um, that doesn’t really allow for a lot of hookups [he implied that typically the age range just hooks up].


  1. How do you normally meet people?

Probably through parties or socials, through other friends. Even though our campus is pretty small, so you kind of get to know everyone in your age group or kind of the same group as you.


  1. Would you say that most of your friends have found long-term relationships at school? Why do you think that is?

No, probably not. Just because a lot of people want to experience different things with different people and they don’t want to settle down quite yet.


  1. If you could tell a freshman something about dating in college what would it be?

That it’s good. I really enjoy it because it gives you somebody to, I guess, always have your back, especially if you do bad on a test or something. You know you can always talk to that person. If you’re struggling with anything, it’s just a good backbone, a good support system. And you can also have a lot of fun with them, too.


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