Jacob Renie

Jacob lived on the seventh floor of Mark Twain residence hall with me freshman year and has been one of my closest guy friends in college. He is a junior Strategic Communications major with an emphasis in public relations. He manages to balance three jobs while playing for Mizzou club baseball, scoring touchdowns with his rec flag football team and rooting for Mizzou football in Tiger’s Lair. He is also a Florida fan (for whatever reason, probably because he’s from Atlanta) and is one of the most driven people I have ever met. If I ever need to find a source for a story or just don’t know who to talk to, I know that I can count on Jacob to help me. I was able to pin him down for about five minutes outside the Student Center today and ask him his opinions on dating in college.

  1. Are you currently dating someone?

I don’t know. I’m kind of in an in between stage.

  1. When was your last relationship? (Or the last time you went on a date)

I have not been on an actual date since… I think it was about a year and a half ago. I haven’t actually dated someone in five years, so it was with a sorta girlfriend. She might’ve said we were dating, but I didn’t think we were.

  1. Why did it end?

*Laughs* This is gonna make me sound really bad… Well for two reasons: First of all, she just seemed kind of clingy and it kind of freaked me out to how we went from like hanging out to super serious real quick. And then I kind of realized I wasn’t attracted to her anymore.

  1. How long was your longest relationship? When was that?

Three months I think? It was junior year of high school.

Jacob apparently hates pictures, so he does not have any of him with his first girlfriend. However, here he is looking very cool in 2012. Photo courtesy of Jacob Renie.

Jacob apparently hates pictures, so he does not have any of him with his first girlfriend. However, here he is looking very cool in 2012. Photo courtesy of Jacob Renie.

  1. What do you think are some of the differences between dating in high school versus dating in college?

Generally speaking, high school it’s more defined because either you are or you’re not. And it’s more defined also because you have parents around so you always have to like plan stuff through them. It’s not like you can just hang out. So there’s not that whole vague area going on.

  1. How would you describe the dating scene here at Mizzou?

I think it just depends on what people are looking for. You can find what you’re looking for here, so there’s a lot of options. If you just want to hook up, then that’s easy to find; if you just want to talk or Netflix and chill you can do that or if you actually want to date someone, you can pretty easily find someone.

  1. How would you describe the dating scene for people age 18-22?

I would assume it’s less-committed relationships because no one wants that pressure at this age. We’re not our parents’ generation where you get married right out of college. I know I don’t plan, and I know my sisters don’t, plan on getting married until at least like 30 if it happens at all. So, it’s like, you’re not looking for a long-term partner at this point. You’re still just trying to see what you like so to speak.

  1. How do you normally meet people?

It’s usually through friends. Occasionally at the bar but generally just like friend to friend or something like that.

Someone like it’s not awkward if y’all start talking, but, at the same time, it can end without anybody getting hurt because you’re not that close.

  1. Would you say that most of your friends have found long-term relationships at school? Why do you think that is?

I don’t think any of mine have.

Because everyone I know is either not in a relationship or the people they’ve dated hasn’t lasted longer than like a year… at best. Yeah, I don’t know anyone that’s dated over a year. Well, I think partially it’s because it’s college, you’re going to have people move, graduate and move on. It’s hard to stay in touch afterwards. And then again, I think no one is looking to settle down. So, most people are career-oriented at the time, so relationships are important, but they’re not, like the ‘be all, end all.’

  1. If you could tell your freshman self something about dating in college what would it be?

Hmm… I don’t know *laughs.* I kind of took the same approach I took from high school, so basically just relax. Opportunities come when you least expect it. So, like the girl I’m currently talking to, I was not looking for anything and, all of a sudden now, I’m getting drunk over fights and shit like that.


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