Delaney Klingl

I can’t really pinpoint when Delaney and I became good friends, but we’ve made a loose promise to live with each other when we graduate. Delaney is a junior marketing and psychology double major and member of Sigma Kappa sorority. In her free time you might find her powering through Gilmore Girls on Netflix or buying the next outfit all of her friends will want to borrow. We’re from the same hometown but didn’t know the other existed until we came to Mizzou. Now, when we’re home on breaks you can find us hitting the tennis courts or heading downtown Chicago. Delaney may seem a little fleeting on the outside, but she provides some of the best advice I’ve ever heard. She will do anything to protect her friends and never fails to make me crack a smile, which even happened when she was giving me her insight into dating in college.

1. Are you currently dating someone?

 I am not currently dating anyone.

2. When was your last relationship?

 Well, the last guy I was talking to was almost exactly a year ago, but my last relationship was a little over a year ago.

3. Why did it end?

With the more recent guy? I don’t really know… he just kind of stopped talking to me. He was kind of immature. I guess that’s probably what it was… that’s what I tell myself *laughing throughout.*

4. How long was your longest relationship?

 Four years – my sophomore year in high school to freshman year in college

Delaney poses for a picture with her first "high school" boyfriend before her sophomore year Homecoming dance in 2011. Photo courtesy of Delaney Klingl.

Delaney poses for a picture with her first “high school” boyfriend before her sophomore year Homecoming dance in 2011. Photo courtesy of Delaney Klingl.

5. What do you think are some of the differences between dating in high school and dating in college?

 Dating in high school you don’t have as much freedom, and you kind of have to sneak around. Once you come to college, it’s not as exciting. I think freshman, sophomore, maybe even junior guys in college don’t really want to date because they want to *emphatically uses air quotes* “live out their college years;” I feel like they get even less mature for a little bit.

6. How would you describe the dating scene here at Mizzou? 

Really casual… I feel like people just kind of talk for a few months and then it’s over for no reason. I feel like Tinder is used sometimes, which is really annoying.

7. How would you describe the dating scene for people ages 18-22?

 I think Mizzou is a good example. Our age is just kinda… you talk for a little bit and then it’s over… that’s just kind of how millenials are.

8. How do you normally meet people?

 Through my friends and through organizations that I’m in.

*She pauses to smirk at me* I would say at bars sometimes.

9. Would you say that most of your friends have found long-term relationships at school? Why do you think that is? 

 No, because no one is ever on the same page. It’s too casual; no one takes anything seriously and guys are stupid!

I think it’s [dating in college] horrible. The fact that I’ve never really gone on a first date besides with my boyfriend for four years is ridiculous.

I think social media has a lot to do with it… texting, Tinder, DMing [direct messaging] turn dating into booty calls, and girls think they have to be a booty call to get any kind of attention, so that doesn’t help it and then guys just use girls.

10. If you could tell your freshman self something about dating in college, what would it be?

 I don’t know… I don’t really regret anything. I haven’t gotten into any relationships that I did just because I was lonely, because I feel like that’s another thing people do and that’s why they end so fast.

I kind of came into college thinking guys just use girls, so I’ve always been really cautious of that.

Listen to what Delaney had to say:


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