Erin Janov

My wonderful roommate opted to be my guinea pig and be featured in my first questionnaire surrounding dating in college. Erin is a junior elementary education major, vice president of finance for her sorority and secretary of her business fraternity. When she’s not poring over receipts or sending mass emails, you can find her doing prep work for her Mizzou Alternative Break mission trip to Hohenwald, Tennessee. Even though she bribed me to be her roommate by reminding me she is a two-year Starbucks employee, I’ve loved getting to know her better these past several weeks. I also know that there will be many crazy memories to come. She is one of the kindest women I know but can still command attention whenever needed. She can always commiserate about stress as well because she’s one of the few people who is busier than I am. She did manage to block out about 10 minutes to talk to me about her take on dating in college, though. Continue reading