Off the beaten path

Even in my every day journalism-consumed life, travel decides to make an appearance. Part of my current convergence reporting class requires us to work in newsrooms in the weeks we are not on deadline. This week I was working at the multisource video news analysis company Newsy. As it was only my second shift, my job for the first two hours was to shadow a current employee.

After running to the building from a class on the opposite side of campus, I was pleasantly surprised to see an image of London in my mentor’s Final Cut window. He explained to me that he was working on a video for Time about alternative vacation destinations. I watched him tie all the elements of the two and a half minute video together with ease and assisted him in picking appropriate music and fonts for each exotic location.

For example, the writer suggested Dublin, Ireland, rather than London, England, to viewers. It promoted Hanoi, Vietnam, during a visit to Asia and Aruba over the Cayman Islands. All of these alternatives were based on cheaper rates, diverse cultures and little-known experiences.

Throughout the edit, I felt myself drawn to each and every site that was covered. The videos and images chosen to represent each one did an incredible job of transporting the viewer for a very short time.

Because of my yearning to travel and uncover new people, places and things, I thoroughly enjoyed being given the opportunity to learn about vacation destinations off the beaten path. My one hope is that media like the video I assisted to produce today can inspire others to travel if they are able.


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