Leonardo Dalessandri

“Sometimes I make videos and take photos,” appears in Leonardo Dalessandri’s Facebook bio. In my opinion, his work is a whole lot more than that.

Dalessandri travels around the world producing videos and taking photographs of the people whom he believes best represent that geographic location. His content is extremely unique because of his use of time-lapse, spoken word, music and shot choices.

The video, which drew me to his work and, I believe, is one of his best pieces up to this point, is titled “Watchtower of Turkey.” It is three minutes of pure innovation. It causes the viewer to feel completely immersed in Turkey’s culture: one that is very rarely put on display. Individuals are featured throughout the film, and landscapes and animals seem to dance along the screen. The entire package is set to “Experience” by Ludovico Einaudi, which appears to be provided by several characters throughout the film. It remains fairly constant until close to the end of the video, when it increases in volume and tempo accompanied by faster images and video.

Dalessandri also produced a “Watchtower of Morocco” about one year ago, which provides a similar take on Morocco.

By spending close to a month in each location, Dalessandri interacts with locals and attempts to capture their every day lives. Whenever I travel somewhere new, I am always focused on hitting every major tourist attraction and “getting the most out of my stay.” After viewing Dalessandri’s work, he has inspired me to go off the established grid on my next trip and interact with the people who know the area best.

It would be a dream come true to be able to visit someplace like Turkey or Morocco, where the culture is so drastically different from our own. However, it is pricey and the Middle East is not the most stable area at the moment. I can only hope that my future employer will need a feature done in one of these mysterious lands and I can uncover it for myself.


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