Dipping my toes in

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine of Hippo.

I’m not sure that I could pinpoint the day my love of travel began, but, for as long as I can remember, wanderlust has consumed me.

My mom and dad always planned typical family vacations when I was younger. We covered the United States from coast to coast, visiting Florida, New York and California before I was 18. In each new location, I took hundreds of pictures to aid my memory of their beauty when I could no longer remember. I only ate in townie restaurants, and asked hundreds of questions.

All of these smaller trips built up to the most incredible two weeks of my life. The summer after my senior year in high school, my music department organized a tour through Central Europe. Attendees would be able to visit Germany, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. As soon as I received the information, I made sure I was able to pay half the cost (per the agreement I made with my parents) and submitted my documents the next day. The wait through the end of the school year and beginning of the summer seemed like forever, but soon I was flying on a German airline across the Atlantic.

We visited many tourist spots in Munich, Salzburg and Prague, but my favorite parts of the trip were the cathedrals. As a One of the beautiful churches we were able to perform inCatholic choir, we had prepared several religious songs and had the opportunity to sing them in more than five cathedrals throughout Central Europe. One thing I will never be able to forget from that trip was the acoustics in those ancient churches.

All too soon, we were headed back to the United States. I was not at all ready to return home, except to stop paying for public bathrooms. I expected that covering four countries in 10 days would quench my thirst for travel for a time, but, if anything, it made me hungry for more.

Until the end of the semester, I plan on blogging about the destinations I most want to visit throughout my life, and any spontaneous trips I may take. Because each country, and each state in fact, has its own distinct culture, character and charisma, I want to experience that. Even if I will never be able to visit them all, at least I can try!


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