Greek week fling offers groupings a chance to shine

In Greek Week’s final week, the groupings showcase their acting, dancing, and singing abilities at Jesse Hall Auditorium in their Fling performances. Tonight at 6 P.M., five groupings will display their theme, a movie with an abnormal genre, in a 15 minute skit. Lucie Williams, a fifth-year Senior at the University and Director of Fling and Finance for Greek Week stated,

“I think it [Fling] is an event that really showcases all the varied talents in the Greek community. [Last night,] it was cool to see the different groupings come in ready to go and work really hard on stage.”



Greek Week Director of Fling and Finance Lucie Williams assigns roles to other members of Greek Week SteerCo before the second night of Fling performances Tues., April 15, in Jesse Hall Auditorium. Williams expected the performance, which began at 6 P.M., to run as seamlessly as the previous night.


Fling performances are held in Jesse Hall auditorium April 14 through 16.


11 thoughts on “Greek week fling offers groupings a chance to shine

  1. I thought this post was good overall, however I feel that you could have given a little more information on the history of fling, or explain what the groupings are.

  2. You did a really good job compressing a lot of valuable information into only 100 words. The caption on the picture of Jesse Hall could have been a little better, but this was very good.

  3. I covered this event too but you got a whole different side than I did. Getting a quote from the director was great. The only thing that might have been nice to know was why the event was happening.

  4. This post is very informative and I really like the picture of Jesse Hall where fling takes place. The picture of the director could have been better without the audience heads in the way but it was still alright. Overall, it’s well done and the captions are well written.

  5. I thought the article itself was well written. I didn’t know if the clarification was needed in the quote, but that might just be me. The only thing I would critique would be in layout, seeing that both pictures appear after the entire story is complete. Otherwise this is well done!

  6. Your story was in a block of text. Try breaking it up into a interesting beginning and then a body. Also in AP style quotes stand alone. Good job on using the WordPress quotations though I couldn’t get them to work.

  7. The photo at the end was taken at a nice angle. The quote was a nice kick-off to the two photos. The caption in the 2nd photo told details that were not in the story.

    Great work all around.

  8. Nice pictures! I will definitely check out the Greek week, it’s quite hard for me to read through the quote since it’s shown vertically, don’t know if you intentionally wanted it do be.

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